Wednesday, February 5, 2014


In January Jean visited the artists at AptArt as they worked on murals in the communities near the Syrian border in Jordan. This one addresses the issue of Jordanians sharing their country with more than half a million of their Syrian neighbours.

"Using some Spanish flair and the idiom “my house is your house” Ruben Sanchez and the team taught children about respect, hospitality and sharing. Inside the circles of colour children from Syria and Jordan drew pictures of what their house meant to them. The extended arms represent the relationship of generosity and gratitude between two people of different nations during this difficult time."

A group of young men gathered to watch the fun as the mural developed. The young guy on the left is Jordanian and his best friend is Syrian. He was happy to point out that about half his group of friends were Jordanian and half Syrian - a perfect embodiment of the sentiments expressed by Ruben's mural. Here the symbolic becomes tangible in the handshake of two friends from different countries.

Meanwhile Jean led an art workshop in the parking lot with some younger kids. (images below photographed by Samantha Robison)

The finished mural reads "My Home is Your Home".

Great work AptArt and a nod also to ACTED who sponsored their wonderful work.