Thursday, December 31, 2015

Connecting American Kids with Syrian Kids

Studio Syria partnered with Rye Middle School in New York State this December to bring art supplies to Syrian children in Zaatari Refugee Camp. With inspiration and supervision by teacher extraordinaire Kim Tamalonis, American children made note cards with drawings and notes of encouragement, written in Arabic. They also made sketchbooks by hand. Many makers and colored pencils were collected and donated too along with paper and pencils. The kids at the school also raised $100 to pay for shipping of their donation - an important part of this exciting project.

The donation was a big success. The Syrian children were thrilled with the touching notes of encouragement and each note was carried home with care like a treasure. The notebooks, colored pencils and markers were greatly appreciated.

In return the Syrian children made their own notes of thanks. This young girl copied the pair of houses sent to her by an American child.

Students of all abilities were pleased to participate in our distribution. This young guy struggles with verbal communication but makes beautiful art. We were pleased to be able to give him plenty of art supplies including a hand made notebook.

On the right is a note card from America. On the left the reply message from this young Syrian girl.

The messsages of encouragement written in Arabic and sent from American school kids were read with great care and interest.

This notebook is so beautiful! Is it really mine to keep? Yes! We love this young girls expression of surprise. 

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